About Cayuga Health

Cayuga Health will remain the region’s leading healthcare system, and most trusted driver of integrated health services, together with valued partners.  We empower our people and employ our capabilities to equitably improve the well-being of the communities we serve.

Clinical Excellence & Recognition: Patient Safety

Patient Safety is a core value at Cayuga Health and we are committed to eliminating preventable events of harm to our patients and employees by becoming a High Reliability Organization. High Reliability is defined as maintaining consistently high levels of safety and quality over time across all services and settings. We have adopted the following practices as part of our High Reliability journey.

Teamwork and Communication

We recognize that teamwork and communication is essential to providing quality health care. At Cayuga Health all staff (clinical and non-clinical) work collaboratively to prevent errors, improve patient outcomes and increase patient satisfaction. Every morning members of the management team huddle to discuss safety concerns and issues that have occurred during the past 24 hours as well as current issues that need resolvi